Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day

All politics aside, I am more than proud to be an American. I know some pretty brave people out there serving for us to live in a free country and I am so thankful for them. So many wives, husbands and children sacrifice so much - they believe in our United States that they would lay down their lives for it. Now that is amazing. So we celebrated.

We hit the pool hard this weekend. For the most part every time it was open we were there. Jon was home for the weekend and it was devine. Saturday and Sunday were routine but Monday was icing on the cake.

Our pool has a smaller kiddie pool in it and on the first day I decided to plunk Jake in and see what would happen. Of course he hit the ground running  and went belly down head first in the water. We rescued a sputtering kid and let him go again. Run, belly flop, sputter. On the third time he decided to slow down a bit and guess what? He remained standing. Bingo, we have a smart boy here.

He is very proud of his new found independence and hopefully he will continue as we plan on spending a ton of time at the pool. You know swimming does a great job at tiring out children? Naptimes rock around here now!

Which brings me to our other kids...

They grew up in Florida and the pool is their second home. While we miss the ease of heading to the beach, the ease of a neighborhood pool is fantastic. Easier to clean up too! Kylie has slipped into her element again and how I love to see her confident and free as she glides in the water.

Luke on the other hand just dives in and I don't see him until the end of the day... He is also a fish and can't get enough of the water.

And what is Memorial Day without a little watermelon? Our pool rec committee supplied the guests with a TON of watermelon and my kids couldn't get enough.

As you see Jake at first had issues about how to eat said watermelon but he soon got it all figured out.

As did the rest of the crew...

Looks like I know what to bring next time for snack huh?

You will know where to find us. Happy Summer!

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