Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Fun!

Imagine waking up to this in the morning... The best mountain cabin? Nope, my backyard. What a wonderful sight to behold when you are in a quiet home, nice and cozy warm with a hot cup of coffee in your hand. This Christmas was magical!

I could go on and on about all of the great presents that were given, the time spent around our fire, or the hours and hours of opening toy boxes that probably gave us a few grey hairs. But that all took a backseat to...

... long days out in our backyard. I am so thankful that we spent a few bucks and bought some sleds and saucers. We are so fortunate to have our own little hill out back and friends to share it with! Every day I would ask the kids "what was your favorite part of the day?" And from both I would hear a loud and clear SNOW!!!

After the second day, the hill was nice and fast... We would start off at the top and then,

LOOKOUT!!! Head first into the bamboo...

Yes, I got in on the action as well.

Merry Christmas! Must head on back out before it melts.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

So we were at our nextdoor neighbors house celebrating their sweet girl's 4th birthday when all of a sudden, a hoopin' and a hollering comes from the kids. It is snowing! It is snowing! We all rush to the windows and sure enough...

So at the fastest possible moment for the party festivities to conclude, all the kids were begging to go outside to play. We even had to beg them back inside off the patio at one point! They were all in their socks with no jackets! At last, the kids donned their jackets and boots and headed outside.

Our house backs up to a natural area and the kids love to go out back and explore in the bushes and tree area. Thankfully we could see the boys' heads out there! Don't know if I have mentioned this, but I love our neighbors! They have the same crazy adventurous spirit as we do (I think we were the only families outside in the snow!!! *gasp*!) and so Gabe and Luke had a blast out in the "wilderness."

And yes, I did zip up his jacket from the first picture...

For the first year we actually decorated our house for the holidays. In Florida, we never quite could get that holiday feeling but here? No problem. I think the chilly temps have really helped us out in that department.

Kylie being oh so nice by not throwing that at me!

And for some fun snow pictures. Yes, I am not used to this still and get a bit giddy when anything exciting happens!

Looking up into the sky!

And finally, Jake had to get out in the snow too. Poor guy looks like the little brother in A Christmas Story. It was all good until he wanted to crawl and then it all went downhill fast. Guess Jake isn't all that fond of cold fingers.

The rest of the day included a lot of hot chocolate, a cozy fire and friends in our home. The snow melted off the next day but we sure enjoyed it while it lasted!