Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fun with Homeschooling!

We have had an awesome opportunity to head on up to Lake Higgins near Bur Mill Park in Greensboro. They are putting together Nature Notebooks while learning a lot about animals, their habitats and classifications. It is fun to get out with friends every week!

And why are there firetrucks when there is supposed to be pictures of animals etc.? That is because the day we first went out there, the Summerfield Fire Dept. were doing some tests on a truck and Jake was able to benefit from it while the big kids were taking their class!

One fireman let Jake get in and pretend to drive!

This area is so beautiful to just walk around so when the older kids were busy in their class, we just hiked around and enjoyed the morning.

Of course the firemen made it more enjoyable for Jake!

He was able to get his own little class too!

This firefighter took Jake around and answered every single question Jake had. And I tell you, there were a.lot.

After going around the truck a few times and a half an hour later, we hit the trail again.

The kids had a blast and are learning tons. I am so thankful there are many opportunities for homeschoolers in NC.

The teachers have been wonderful at letting the kids work at their own pace. Jake has even been able to benefit from the class. Here they are learning about snakes and of course Jake has to be right up in the action.

It was such a beautiful day out that after the class we decided to go to Bur Mill park and hike around up there. I am amazed at the difference between winter and spring. The greens are so bright and lush!

These three crack me up. Here Jake is trying to push Luke in the water. They just laugh and giggle like crazy.  Getting them outdoors is perfect for breathing easy and enjoying the time together.

This kid is rarely on his feet anymore.

Love her!

Deep in thought...

Spotting a bug or two... This kid loves exploring nature!

Found a neat seed pod.

Heading on back to the car.

And lest I forget, the kids have been playing soccer. The last time they played, they were 4 and 5 so it has been fun with them really playing instead of swarming around a ball.

They are on the same team which makes it nice for practice and games.

With the weather warming up a bit, I hope to get everyone out more so we can enjoy what our area has to offer!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Morrow Mountian

Winter is over. Hooray! I am one to be content on all things but noticing my mood a few weeks ago I knew that I had cabin fever. With gas prices going up and up, we haven't just picked up and headed out so I have been stockpiling some change and the first warm day I cashed in baby!

Enter Morrow Mountain. We had never ventured south to this park so it made it perfect for a day trip.

They had a nice little museum which was fun to look around in.

We left the museum in search of some period buildings that were around the park. On the road towards the buildings the kids spotted deer along the road.

There were two on our left side of our car and I was thankful to have my zoom lens!

 But then we were surprised to learn that there was one right out our right side window! Jake rolled down the window and I thought it might jump in!

We finally made it to the buildings where we learned about this country doctor who provided care for all the people living in the area. 

He even had this nice greenhouse to grow plants to aid in healing.

What these pictures don't show is my kids screaming and yelling all the way back to the car! There were so many wasps, hornets and bees surrounding these buildings. They were all over and using the boards as nice little homes.

The ranger said that the Three Rivers Trail would make a nice little hike for my crew. We are used to hiking  2-3 miles per hike but the ranger said it was really pretty.

Right away Jake found some wild life! He seriously loves animals and has no fear. Poor turtle! 

All along the trail they had these sweet little bridges. The kids loved exploring this little creek.

It felt so great to be outside in the beautiful air!

Love seeing a smile on her face!

Looks like these turtles liked the warm sun as well!

Remember those cute little bridges? There was one which I don't have a picture of (but I was going to!) so I leaned on a tree which was hanging over the water. Not soon after I got positioned to take their pic I heard a rustling in the grass. I looked over and saw a snake! All peace and quiet was shattered when I screamed at the top of my lungs and almost fell in the water! I ran towards the kids and basically leap frogged over them to get out of the snakes range (like it was really chasing me... :rollingeyes:) but then came to my senses as I heard the kids cracking up over the whole ordeal. But here is the little guy climbing up the tree I had just been perched on. Yep, just a friendly garter snake...

We also noticed some deer tracks.

It is so much fun introducing Jake to things in nature!

These two... They went ahead of Jake and me and had a blast talking and just enjoying eachother. 

And I about fainted when I saw this. Holding hands? Melt my heart.

We made it back to the main area and Jake LOVED the phone. Since there is no cell service I guess that is why this little guy still stands. 

I think he called everyone he knew!

Morrow Mountain was such a fun time! It wasn't too far away and we all enjoyed the day.