Monday, April 18, 2011

Lovin' Me a Little Springtime!

Saturday we had a wicked storm that had us all hiding in the basement. Funnel clouds were spotted not too far away from us but in 30 minutes, we were spotting sun rays shining down from our side window. We were saddened because we had a lot planned for that day... a garage sale (cancelled), baseball (cancelled), and the making of our new found hobby. Gardening. Also cancelled.

So on Sunday... The sun was a shining!

From Garden

Funny thing about shadows is that you can't see that Jake is screaming and crying! -- Luke

Our happy little green apple tree sporting a little sun too.

From Garden

Everyone got in on the action. We are so fortunate to have Jon's dad here to help. He is really the brains behind this whole thing as we are so new to all of this. It was great to see Jon and him work the long hours to get this thing going. He has worked nonstop for two straight days and we love him for it.

From Garden
From Garden

Even someone with tiny little toes got into mischief. Then we found this...

From Garden

After attempting to get him out of the garden multiple times, he then got into this...

From Garden

and he wouldn't let go of it for an hour. Just sipping some diet coke every once in awhile and shaking the ice. He handles a cup like a pro! But after him trying to wrangle walking in the garden yet again, Jon finally had to corral him. (and yes, you can tell it is our third kid. Our first two think soda is poison.)

From Garden
While all of that mess was going on, Kylie and Poppi were busy. Love how my girl gets dirty with ease. She refused to put her shoes on and since we were connecting with the earth and all, I didn't push it. Parenting at it's finest!

From Garden

This will be my view from my deck. Won't this be a great lookout for my morning cup of coffee? When it is done, there will be a fence around it - mostly to keep the kids out! But of course we will tell them it is because of the deer and rabbits...

From Garden

So we shall see about this new chapter in our life. I love the feeling of being responsible for our food. Hopefully we won't kill it all! And we won't see any of these...

From Garden

Happy Spring!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It fits!

5 years ago we started our homeschool journey with Kylie. I remember counting down the days I could start Before Five in a Row with her and officially become a homeschooling Momma! I have loved the journey with her, then with Luke and now with Jake.

I know my time is short with Jake. One because well, time flies. And two, he is a HOSS so who knows how long this shirt will fit! So announcing our newest homeschool student...

Now before you get all in an uproar. No, we are not homeschooling him at this moment. He is probably overwhelmed enough by the life that surrounds him on a daily basis! But it isn't too early to surround him with good books.

This go around, it is so fun to see his older brother or sister grab a book and read it to him. I hope that he will enjoy books just like his siblings. It brings joy to my Momma's heart! I am so thankful for the fullness that Five in a Row has brought our family!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

In the Kitchen...

While in the kitchen with my daughter, I thought, "Hmmm... I don't think I have blogged about cooking!" So me and my impulsive self said "I'm gonna do it now." So here I am. Cooking has been one of the biggest surprises to me while becoming a full time stay at home Mom. Now I have always liked to cook but now I "get" those other women out there that said they liked to cook because it was cathartic. I love serving my family good food where they sing my accolades about how wonderful it tastes. (most of the time!) It is a total stroke to my ego, I admit. Maybe it is the cold weather, but hot food just screams LOVE. Dishing out comfort food just warms the soul and heart so stirring the pot just is one other way I can show my family that love resides here. And I love how I can push all the other stuff out and just focus on creating. Sure, there are times when kids are at my ankles, and the fussing and fighting just push me over the edge. That is where my head spins around and I kick everyone out to their appointed areas but usually, I allow them to join in.

Hey, I said this was an impulsive post and thus no current pictures so enjoy some flashbacks!

I am starting to see some fruit come about because of my labor - and yes, I do mean LABOR!!! Both Kylie and Luke have now begun to make their own creations and enjoy serving us, the adults, and who could reject that?

So tonight my daughter has put together one killer lasagna and I am going to sign off now to eat it!