Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random kid funny...

So last night I kept the kids up late to watch American Idol. All throughout the show Kylie and Luke would put on there own auditions, sing funny songs and have crazy dances. It was really quite fun!

Today Kylie and I were talking about her future plans and she informs me that she wants to go to Hollywood! "What??" I ask? Yep, she wants to be a singer. I ask her "I thought you just wanted to be a mommy?" She replied, "uh, mom. (in the perfected 14 year old tone) I am going to be a singer when I am a teenager, go to Hollywood and sing for American Idol and *then* be a mommy. Oh, after I get married."

Whew! Jon and I better hang on for the ride of our lives. This girl just doesn't quit!