Sunday, May 30, 2010


Since having children, I have noticed that they thrive on routine. They have amazed me at their knack of remembering things from long ago and traveling to my mother's home brings back all kinds of fond memories for them. Yesterday was the first time we have brought them to the pool and I have a feeling we have a new tradition. And I like it.

Nothin' better than laughter, splashing and sun to brighten up our spirits. Lazy days chilling on beach chairs enjoying each others company. My favorite is sitting at the edge of the pool while the kids show off their many talents in the water.

Did I mention happy smiling kids?

Proof that long periods of time in the pool are good for the soul.

Another tradition that has been 6 years going strong is bubble baths in my Mom's jacuzzi tub. One time we had bubbles so high, they touched the ceiling! I swear I only put a drop of bubble bath in - Really! Now only a super small amount of gel is squirted in but it always causes an eruption of smiles and shrieks of joy when I start that Jacuzzi timer going. The roar of the jets swirl up the bubbles in no time and the kids think they are in bubble paradise.

Days like this goes in the record book for good memories. Warm sun, refreshing water and out of control bubble baths. Can't get much better than that!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Today we had a mission and it couldn't get underway fast enough! Living in North Carolina has changed our life in so many ways but we have learned not to take things for granted. Since we have left Florida we have missed the ability to go to a pool or beach anytime we choose. Granted, there have not been very many pool days in NC so far, but I know they are near.

Thankful for a 3 day weekend where we could steal away for a mini vacay with the family, we made sure the pool and/or beach was going to be one of the top things we chose to do. Jake knew something exciting was going to happen because he could feel it in the air. I know the minute we got out of the car in the parking lot he could sense the excitment, hear the laughter and splashing, and I know he could smell the sweet coconut air from all of the sunscreened bodies playing in the water. Really, he is cool like that!

Jake took to the water like he was meant for it. He was all relaxed and mellow with his daddy but after I got to him, he was cheesing it up and loving every minute. He smiled, laughed and cooed for over an hour!

After all of us had fun squeezing the life out of the pool experience, we dried off and warmed up. Jake was at peace.

And promptly fell asleep.

Such a good day. Hoping for a replay tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PS to Park Day...

For all of you Funniest Home Video fans...

And please excuse goofy parents... I am sure I could be a fly on the wall at your house and bust you in some complete parent induced freedom!

For the record, no children were really harmed in this video. Carryon!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Remember workboxes? If you are new to Workboxes, check out this first post here and then some others here and here.

Have I mentioned that life has been supersonic around here? Like seriously moving at the speed of sound (or light, whatever floats your boat!) Ya know, having a baby and moving at the same month kind of does that too you. I feel a bit hamsterish who is caught in the wheel but it has been good.

For weeks, my kids have been begging, I mean really pleading me to set up the workboxes. The shelving was becoming some kind of storage system that it was not intended to be. Today my daughter took care of it herself! She informed me that she would be setting up the workboxes for both her and her brother. OK then!

So after about 30 minutes Kylie declared school ON. Can I tell you she had some great things in there for both her and her brother! They diligently worked on school for 2 hours and knocked out all of their subjects with no complaint. I forgot how good workboxing was! So much easier with a baby since they have control of their day. Remember that V8 commercial back in the day? Well, I was knocking myself upside the head for not having the workboxes going all along. Ahhhhhh....

Here is proof that the day went well!

If you have great ideas in what to put in the workboxes, leave me a comment! I would love to hear how workboxes work in your home!

Monday, May 24, 2010

My sickie...

Pitiful I tell ya... This was yesterday. I think this was the most action he got all day! I was able to put him in the swing and he didn't cry or whimper because I put him down. He loves his swing and is usually going back and forth, laughing like all get out, but not yesterday.

He finally looked up at me with this pleading look - Please make me feel better!!! Oh I wish I could sweetie.

Today he is much better. We are off sync with our schedule but he is getting plenty of cuddle and sleeping time. We have even seen some smiles and a giggle here and there! I think he is turning the corner. Can't wait for Jake to be back to his old self!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Park day!

Daddy got home early tonight so what better way to celebrate his arrival but by loading up the family van and going to the park. North Carolina hasn't let us down so far with weather and today's low 70's made it a perfect day to be outside. With the sun shining down on us from the lake, the evening was magical as we enjoyed the fresh breeze, warm air and giggles from carefree kids!

One giggle caught my attention as Jake enjoyed his first ride in a baby swing. He spent most of the evening right there, going back and forth and back and forth. The only varying thing was the person pushing.

Different people would come and push and it would give Jake a rush like it was his first time on the swing. Kylie has a certain knack at making him grin the biggest. They share a special bond that none of us can even come close to. They both just light up in each others presence and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Yes, a bit sappy too...

Luke has a knack too - of taking fantastic abstract pictures that capture Jake's gooey goodness. Seems like Luke can work his own magic in Jake's eyes too!

How can you not smile back at these faces!

After awhile we decided to mosey on down to the lake and watch the kids throw rocks until they could find no more. They had a blast enjoying the sun, soft wind and the thrill of hurling rocks the size of their fists to the calm waters below. It amazes me that we didn't have to have an all out rescue of one of the kids.

And then Jake worked a little magic of his own...

A little more swinging, a little more playing we decided to call it a night. Sweet baby Jakers was getting glassy eyed and it just didn't look right to let him sleep where he was, even though he never complained.

Oh the simple joy of tonight. The freedom to play, to be silly and to enjoy the company.

Oh the freedom...

You know we will be comin' back!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hello old friend...

I feel as though this blog has become an old friend. One that you can call in the afternoon and pick right back up where you left off. Sharing the ups and downs of life with reckless abandon and unconditional love. Don't you love friends like that?

I was recently visited by a friend that shares those values. We used to be so close - so close in fact that we lived together for a year right after college. I have watched her kids grow up (way too fast I might add), called her when the day was too much to deal with by myself and have rejoiced in the beauty of life together. It has been sweet and I am so thankful that I can have a friend like her. Our visit was like time had stood still and we were right back where we were. Going places in the same vehicle (now added by a total of 6 little chaperones), sharing laughs and going to vunerable places in our hearts. Sweet.

This blog is an old friend of sorts. Getting those roaming thoughts out on paper, recording the highs and lows of life, kind of a therapy of sorts and a documentation of the growth of our family. Goodness, just like an old friend.

Many things have changed in my life since I was regularly blogging. I miss the time where I could record our goings on here in this little piece of the world wide web. I feel like I have been gone too long but I know I can pick up right where we left off. In the world of the new face book age, I feel that my life is broken up into little snippets. I don't want my life to be small little updates. There is more roaming around in my head sometimes, I don't want to cheapen the deeper meanings behind my quick words.

Just like eating desert and not wanting to brush your teeth lest you loose the sweet indulgent flavors in your mouth, I want to linger on the bigger thigns in life. I hope to do that here.

"In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures."
-- Kahil Gibran