Friday, May 27, 2011

A Walk in the Garden...

Allow me to take you for a walk in our garden. I can't tell you how enjoyable having a garden has been. I still haven't been able to devote as much time with it as I need to but it doesn't dissapoint. Notice the flower.

Soon, those flowers will grow into bigger versions of these! I can't wait to make jars of salsa when all of our tomato plants produce. 

I took these pictures a few days ago and already the garden has changed so much. This bud has burst into a flower and will soon be growing into a red pepper. I specifically remember saying to Jon how crazy it was for us to be starting a huge garden our first year, but now that we have planted some things, there are so many other things I want to try! Next year...

Cilantro for the salsa. With all of the rain I feel like the garden has been on steroids! Not only do the veggies grow well in there, but so do the weeds. Which is why I didn't show you any whole garden shots!

Speaking of watering, when it doesn't rain, my favorite evening activity is spending time in the garden. The sun has started dipping lower and there is just something nice about late summer evenings. And the constant sound of water coming out of a hose and growing things just is soothing. Sometimes us mom's talk by the gate, other times I am shooing kids from the rows but mostly, it is just me and the water. Quiet times are rare for me so I savor them.

I have also enjoyed my kids jumping in and helping when they can. Here was my helper for my late night watering gig.

Now I love my kids helping and all but usually things get out of control and a hose gets pointed in the wrong direction and see that little glimmer? Yep. Things go south quickly and the garden is no longer being watered.

Thankfully this isn't a video because you don't want to know what happened next because Momma is holding a camera and my kid just pointed water at me.... ;-)

Good thing he listened and turned it off but it helps when you flash a sweet smile. All is forgiven.

Watering was done for the night so I stopped to check out our back yard. Now that summer is here, the green stuff is just going crazy. Hard to believe just a  month or so ago, the trees were bare and the hill was mowed. Now it is my own personal Little House on the Prairie hill. Ahhh my own piece of heaven.

Love those waving things...

And I came across these little seed pods which I thought were really cool. Toppers and all.

So I will have to do a walk through every so often to give you an update on what is growing here - or not!
Thanks for walking with me!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Worth it...

Today was a day like any other. Get up, coffee, talk with the kids and go about my daily tasks. We did a bit of school  as well and the kids had a good time with friends. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Then in the quiet of the house, after everyone was safely tucked in bed. I was left to my nightly chores. Coffee making for the next day. I go to fill my coffee carafe and I see this...

My breath sucked in and tears quickly welled up in my eyes. . Let me decipher the picture for you. The big bunny on the left, yep, that is me. The little one on the right is Kylie. She says "I love you." and I say back "I love you too."

So simple yet that is what was on her heart. Makes all the mothering chaos worth it.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Rainy Dreary Days...

Day 2 of dreary grey days... Motivation has been out the window as I just hang out in my house with my kids.  Ran a few errands but mostly we have just played. So thankful that my kids get along - the light in the house is terrible right now and my batteries are dead so I could squeeze out a few pics before it died completely. Note to self, always hoard fresh batteries.

While Jake sleeps, the kids know they can play marbles. Jake likes to play with them to and there-in lies the problem. Just a little bit of a choking hazard! All is well until the first kid throws a marble then all bets are off and up in the pantry they go. 

Rainy days mean tons of "I'm hungry's" from the kids. I am in some serious need of snack ideas! Thankful my kids are always ok with cheese and crackers. So nice to have some food that doesn't come attached with complaints. Ugh. Can't stand that! And I have been hearing a lot of those lately as I have changed our food menus around a bit. Trying to put some extra power in their food (and mine too!) with a lot less processed junk. Yes, they are bucking a bit but I am hopeful that I can appeal to their ego. Like good stuff gives them more energy and muscles. Hope they buy it!

And if you are wondering about the long things protruding from Kylie's head? They are her antennae. See, she is a ladybug today and although she only wanted fruit to eat, she consented and rationalized that yes, ladybugs really do eat crackers and cheese. Luke was a bee until he realized his diet restrictions. Love them!

Usually the weather has a huge impact on my mood. Rain = blah feelings for most people but for the past two days I have enjoyed it. It has kept the kids inside and we haven't had any interaction with people. We did venture out to buy books (which the worst of weather wouldn't keep me home!) so the rest of the day was spent curled up reading and looking through things. I have come to the realization that I like these 4 walls of home. Call me the "freaky homeschool mom" if you must but I like THIS. I like our kids using their imagination to amuse themselves without the aid of tv or computer. I feel they argue less, have less gimmies and are generally more well behaved. Makes my heart overflow with gratitude.

Tomorrow will be days on the porch, lively kid conversations and fun. But today I will embrace munchy kids who are ladybugs and bees. Bring on the rain.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. ~~ Micah 6:8

This verse came into my mind often this morning as I went through my daily routines. Washing dishes, feeding children, gulping down coffee to keep up with the day. My windows are wide open and from them, I hear birds, whistling wind and children laughing as they play together. Such a good, calming thing to hear.

Since this move to NC, I have had so much more time to think. I am not caught up in work to distract my attention from my family, the ones I love. This life I have, has felt like a giant pendulum, swinging to and fro. I know I have acted in a rebound of sorts. From a set group of friends from work to now a group who freely chooses who they are friends with. Sets me a bit out of my element as I tend to please who I am with. Ugh, peeling that onion of insecurities!
Through this time, there have been great fulfilling relationships formed and oddly enough, there is still a void in that department. More friends? More people liking me? When I stop and think about it, my life is full and I am thankful to run to the One who fills me up. And that is where the verse comes in.

We are all on a journey. Faithfully walking to please the One who created us. The One who knit us in our mother's womb. He knows us intricately, and wants the best for us! So that is what drew me to the verse above. What does He desire from us? To act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with MY God. Does that mean worry about what others think? Nope. Does that mean to please others by being working way too hard to please? Yep, that is another no.

You know, those words also go for this blog. I am reminded that the purpose here is to document our Lifesong... OUR life. But when I print this out someday, will my kids see a reflection of our days? Or things that attempt to bring attention to me or things. So convicting. I don't want to pull others away from what is clamoring for their time. This is for me. Our family. And if it encourages others along the way I am thankful.

Now to put this walk to practice...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Who says God doesn't meet you where you are at? Well, just now we had a little church while I was folding laundry. Love it that with a little bit of peace and quiet, clarity comes.

You see, I have been going through a grumbly time as of late. Not sure if it is the pollen stuffing up my head, or just the lack of sleep that has gotten me all grumpy but I have just been preoccupied. Kind of mad at myself because I have not lived up to my own expectations - you know that whole Word of the Year thing? Self discipline? Yeah, that one. Ouch. I can't tell you how many times I have felt that I have fallen on that one. Let down friends, let down myself. Sigh... but as we all do, we put on our happy face and keep on going.

Waking up at 5 am just wasn't happening. I was doing it, getting a lot out of it but I wasn't present for my husband who comes home late. I would be dog tired and I wanted to hang for a bit rather than be a lump who occationally would grunt in agreement to his report of the day. I could also tell that I was a tad bit shorter with the kids as I was just t.i.r.e.d. By Friday I just wanted to sleep all weekend and that wasn't helping anyone out!

So back to church of the laundry pile. While doing the monotonous folding motions, it all became clear.

Self-discipline doesn't have to be waking up at 5 am day in, day out. Doesn't have to be driving yourself crazy by performing in ways that are stressing you out in the sake of perfection.

Self-discipline means:

  • cleaning off the bed so my husband can have an uncluttered place to rest his head after a long day at work.
  • hugging my kids more when they need support
  • staying off the computer to be present in my loved ones life
  • stealing quiet moments to rest my mind
  • I had a lot more important ones in my head between the whites and the colors but they are lost now since it is past my bedtime! Main thing, I am living guilt free now! LOL!

But most of all, self-discipline means to listen. To shift, move, be fluid in what God has me to do. Not stress over what I should be doing, but do what He is prompting me to do in that very moment. (the word should , by the way, needs to be banned from every mothers thought life)

And on a lighter note, it is raining and I am sure all of my newfound garden plants are drinking it all in. Can I tell you how much fun it has been to watch my plants grow? The kids all get a kick out of tending our plot and since it is dark out there, I will spare you pictures but maybe in the next few days I will snap a few to share.

Oh, and last but not least, speaking of photos, my ever so talented neighbor took this the other night. Just hanging out on our front porch when the light was absolutely perfect. I love this picture because I feel like Jake's eyes are just pulling me into a deep swim. How I love that boy and so thankful that Anneli caught his sweet disposition.

Now off to go sleep on a clean bed.... Night all!