Friday, May 27, 2011

A Walk in the Garden...

Allow me to take you for a walk in our garden. I can't tell you how enjoyable having a garden has been. I still haven't been able to devote as much time with it as I need to but it doesn't dissapoint. Notice the flower.

Soon, those flowers will grow into bigger versions of these! I can't wait to make jars of salsa when all of our tomato plants produce. 

I took these pictures a few days ago and already the garden has changed so much. This bud has burst into a flower and will soon be growing into a red pepper. I specifically remember saying to Jon how crazy it was for us to be starting a huge garden our first year, but now that we have planted some things, there are so many other things I want to try! Next year...

Cilantro for the salsa. With all of the rain I feel like the garden has been on steroids! Not only do the veggies grow well in there, but so do the weeds. Which is why I didn't show you any whole garden shots!

Speaking of watering, when it doesn't rain, my favorite evening activity is spending time in the garden. The sun has started dipping lower and there is just something nice about late summer evenings. And the constant sound of water coming out of a hose and growing things just is soothing. Sometimes us mom's talk by the gate, other times I am shooing kids from the rows but mostly, it is just me and the water. Quiet times are rare for me so I savor them.

I have also enjoyed my kids jumping in and helping when they can. Here was my helper for my late night watering gig.

Now I love my kids helping and all but usually things get out of control and a hose gets pointed in the wrong direction and see that little glimmer? Yep. Things go south quickly and the garden is no longer being watered.

Thankfully this isn't a video because you don't want to know what happened next because Momma is holding a camera and my kid just pointed water at me.... ;-)

Good thing he listened and turned it off but it helps when you flash a sweet smile. All is forgiven.

Watering was done for the night so I stopped to check out our back yard. Now that summer is here, the green stuff is just going crazy. Hard to believe just a  month or so ago, the trees were bare and the hill was mowed. Now it is my own personal Little House on the Prairie hill. Ahhh my own piece of heaven.

Love those waving things...

And I came across these little seed pods which I thought were really cool. Toppers and all.

So I will have to do a walk through every so often to give you an update on what is growing here - or not!
Thanks for walking with me!

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