Monday, May 23, 2011

Worth it...

Today was a day like any other. Get up, coffee, talk with the kids and go about my daily tasks. We did a bit of school  as well and the kids had a good time with friends. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Then in the quiet of the house, after everyone was safely tucked in bed. I was left to my nightly chores. Coffee making for the next day. I go to fill my coffee carafe and I see this...

My breath sucked in and tears quickly welled up in my eyes. . Let me decipher the picture for you. The big bunny on the left, yep, that is me. The little one on the right is Kylie. She says "I love you." and I say back "I love you too."

So simple yet that is what was on her heart. Makes all the mothering chaos worth it.

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