Friday, May 13, 2011

Rainy Dreary Days...

Day 2 of dreary grey days... Motivation has been out the window as I just hang out in my house with my kids.  Ran a few errands but mostly we have just played. So thankful that my kids get along - the light in the house is terrible right now and my batteries are dead so I could squeeze out a few pics before it died completely. Note to self, always hoard fresh batteries.

While Jake sleeps, the kids know they can play marbles. Jake likes to play with them to and there-in lies the problem. Just a little bit of a choking hazard! All is well until the first kid throws a marble then all bets are off and up in the pantry they go. 

Rainy days mean tons of "I'm hungry's" from the kids. I am in some serious need of snack ideas! Thankful my kids are always ok with cheese and crackers. So nice to have some food that doesn't come attached with complaints. Ugh. Can't stand that! And I have been hearing a lot of those lately as I have changed our food menus around a bit. Trying to put some extra power in their food (and mine too!) with a lot less processed junk. Yes, they are bucking a bit but I am hopeful that I can appeal to their ego. Like good stuff gives them more energy and muscles. Hope they buy it!

And if you are wondering about the long things protruding from Kylie's head? They are her antennae. See, she is a ladybug today and although she only wanted fruit to eat, she consented and rationalized that yes, ladybugs really do eat crackers and cheese. Luke was a bee until he realized his diet restrictions. Love them!

Usually the weather has a huge impact on my mood. Rain = blah feelings for most people but for the past two days I have enjoyed it. It has kept the kids inside and we haven't had any interaction with people. We did venture out to buy books (which the worst of weather wouldn't keep me home!) so the rest of the day was spent curled up reading and looking through things. I have come to the realization that I like these 4 walls of home. Call me the "freaky homeschool mom" if you must but I like THIS. I like our kids using their imagination to amuse themselves without the aid of tv or computer. I feel they argue less, have less gimmies and are generally more well behaved. Makes my heart overflow with gratitude.

Tomorrow will be days on the porch, lively kid conversations and fun. But today I will embrace munchy kids who are ladybugs and bees. Bring on the rain.

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  1. Love this sweet post! I too enjoy a day at home. :-) It is fun and you are wise to savor the moments!!!

    Are you going to NCHE? I'd love to meet up with you!!!



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