Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So long sweet summer!

Leaves are changing, the weather is getting cooler and we are bidding summer farwell. Life is different here in North Carolina as we are enjoying an actual seasons other than hot and sweltering! This morning we were greeted with the sounds of school buses whizzing past our home as we were just wiping the sleep our of our eyes. Coffee was brewed and we slowly woke up while we snuggled on the couch to welcome our day.

Then the kids remembered and came a mad screeching halt to the calm. Kids running around to get dressed and ready for the day because they know that the first day of public school means...

For a few years now, the Jackson family have enjoyed a fun tradition of doughnut eating. Sure we get our share of strange looks and questions as we traipse on into a store - obviously lost since all other respectable kids are enjoying meeting their friends and new teachers but I find it fun to stir the pot once in awhile. And thankfully, I enticed others to join in on our pandemonium!

Too cool for school!

All the kids lined up to choose which doughnut they wanted. It took a lot of deliberation from the kids and parents but finally the treats were purchased.

Jake even got in on the deal!

Mmmmm! Loving the company and the gooey goodness!

Silly boys!

After all of the doughnuts were consumed, they were able to watch more being made. I love it how they have a little step up so all the kids could watch the assembly line of fresh doughnuts.

You betcha we will be doing this again next year!

Monday, August 16, 2010

New York or Bust!

We are thrilled to announce that I am loading up the van with the kiddo's and heading on a road trip to NYC support Team Wes-Man in the 2010 Buddy Walk! Sept. 25the is the day and we are so excited. Will you join us in raising money to help fund organizations that help out Wesley and kids just like him?

Wesley is our amazing nephew to Jon and me and a fun, playful cousin to Kylie, Luke and Jake. We are so thankful for his presense in our lives and couldn't imagine the Jackson's without him. He can get us all dancing in a second and even the worst singers humming along with his rendition of the ABC's. Pure joy!

Just click here to help! Thank you in advance!