Saturday, June 18, 2011

Grass Sandals - week 1

This year I am making a lot of new changes. For one, I have never done very well at lapbooking or notebooking so one day I had an epiphany! Why not use a binder, page protectors and cardstock to blend the two together! And binders were born...

We are rowing Grass Sandals and what a fun book it has been so far! Here is Kylie's title page in her notebook.

And in the inside, they can glue all of their flap books and things onto their cardstock.

Monday we learned about Japan, the geography and the Japanese lifestyle.

Cutting their work.

Tuesday we learned new vocabulary words, what a biography was and poetry. The kids had a fun time writing Haiku. 

Luke's:  red roses smell great
                    the sun blazes hot on them
                  helping them grow strong

Kylie's:  walking the seashore
                 birds circling around me
                  food I throw hitting them

I was surprised to see how well they did with this. Haiku uses 17 syllables (5 on the first line, 7 in the second line, and 5 in the third line) and they did these all on their own!

On Wednesday, we headed out to the Weatherspoon Museum to check out Japanese artwork.

They had a really interesting sculpture garden out front where we spent a lot of time before we even went inside! And every-so-often, there would be sounds of crickets chirping, giants eating over us and other things that the kids loved! 

This mirrored sculpture held their attention for a long time.

But here is what we came for.

The kids had a good time learning about Kabuki theater, you know the men dressed as women? And they had a fun time picking out all of the samurai warriors and their crossed eyes. We learned about the process of wood blocking and a good time was had by all.

Kylie acting goofy and saying "wow! This is my favorite painting of all! And it even moves!"

The inside of the museum had some interesting sources of natural light.

Outside we had a snack and enjoyed the outdoors by this really fun wall. The kids had an enjoyable time climbing and posing.

Later on in the week we studied about the frog. We learned about the lifecycle and assorted other amphibian facts.

Then they made up this little frog game using their sticky tongues. 

We had such a fun time this week with our Five in a Row studies. Join us again next week for week 2!

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