Saturday, June 4, 2011

What a day!

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Post is going to be short and sweet because it is late and I am tired but overflowing with pride for my children. It is so exciting to see your children shine and excel when you know they have put in many hours of hard work.

Backstory: For most of our kids lives they have sacrificed a lot because of the profession we chose while they were young. Because of our schedule at the Children's Home, we could never enroll our kids in classes or sports activities which at the time was ok because their lives were rich in so many other things. Now that we are home and more stable, enter sports.

Gymnastics was our first choice. Namely because both kids could do it at the same time and it wasn't dependent on the weather! Win win if you ask me. So every Wednesday morning, we set out to the gym and the kids had a blast. The kids, parents and coaches have all been awesome and I can't say enough about it. So after many weeks of hard work, the end of the year exposition was today...

I have never seen them beaming so...

How I wished I had a cool camera you see all the sports photogs have, but alas, my blurry pics have to do. You see, kids were flying everywhere so streaks are what you are going to get!

Kylie rocked out the balance beam, vault and her floor routine like nobodies business. The look of focus and then flashy grin once she had completed her routines were priceless. She was in her element.

Luke, although he wasn't the only boy during the classes, was the only one to show up today so he stole the show by climbing up the rope. Yeah, the one that goes all the way up to the roof of the gym. It is high! Did you know that he swam for an hour during swim team practice at 9am, played a baseball game at 1pm and then used all of his power and strength at 5? Amazing.

oh, and they called him up to do it again at the final finale... Yeah, my heart swelled big on that one.

Afterwards, the kids were able to go to their favorite stations and have their pictures taken. So where did you find my kids? 

What a full day of action for our kids. I am so proud of both of their accomplishments!

Looking forward to another great year of gymnastics this fall. Now onto swim team! Whew!

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