Friday, June 10, 2011

Run for the Hills!

When days get a little crazy here, and they often do, I have a saying that I tend to use... And when my kids hear it, they know something is abrewin'.

Since we have been at the pool every day this summer, my bathroom looks like this...

And because we have been in and out with a quickness, my living room looks like this...

So when I yell around the house... "run for the hills!" My kids know that Momma has had it and an adventure is about to begin!

We all run around and throw on clothes, brush hair, find shoes and buckle up.

And some get more tuckered out from the preadventure, they need to rest up for the real deal!

But once there, Jake was happy to jump out and head out in his stroller. (Finally got to wear Luke's Disney Crocs!)

(Kylie was totally freaking out that Jake was up there! I just had to hurry up and get the shot!)

When all things are crazy, somehow getting outside just does something to me. To all of us... The ease of exploring, looking at things growing and living just makes us feel part of the creation around us. Maybe it puts us into perspective, that we aren't the only things that matter... We are a part of a bigger plan around us, and I like that.

I love it that since we have been going to the gardens for so long now, my kids have found a natural rhythm of their visit. The boards usually have some new information that my kids are happy to read about. On our trip this time, they pointed out each willow tree that they saw along the path. Luke is looking at a spider id poster. They weren't too keen on IDing any spiders on our walk...

Of course no walk through the garden could occur without walking on the giant wall.

And a few "Mom! Take a picture of me here! And here!"

The kids insisted on getting Jake out so off they went to explore. I love the little secret paths in the gardens that make it so much fun for kids to wander around.

Another "Mom! Take our picture!"

Did we explore... We had nowhere to be so we just took our time...

Funny how Jake has just fit perfectly into our family. Kylie wanted to read the map and Jake just wanted to press on and walk. She doesn't even flinch that he is annoying the mess out of her! She just keeps her cool and grips tighter.

He loves keeping up with them.

Side note: My husband said that Kylie looks so "homeschool" in her skirt! She loves that thing and she would probably wear it every day if she was able! Gotta love stereotypes...

See this sign folks? Heed the sign!! These geese are crazy and are used to being fed. But being the newbie to North Carolina, and the type of person who still gets excited that she sees Canadian Geese in her everyday life, we had to check them out a little closer.

Jake enjoyed quacking at the ducks but a little behind the scenes video, you would hear Kylie in the background, "RUN! The geese are coming!"

But to wild man Jake, that means, "get closer! The geese are coming!"

By now, the kids are giving play by play reports as to the geeses location and laughing hysterically at me trying to take a picture and rescue my son at the same time. Jake just wanted to go chase the poor ducks and then even the geese had to get in on the loud ruckus. They ended up fighting just two feet away!

Jake didn't give up without a fight... And I will skip the not so nice moments of me trying to lug his torso back up on the boardwalk without hurting his skin, and the shrieks and the yells from the kids while the geese got closer and closer... But I will share with you this. After the whole tussle, Jake dropped his shoe and I swear the goose wanted it. See him eyeing that shoe?

Yep, ya didn't get it buddy.

He was sad that he was leaving his friend but sheesh, doesn't he know that the goose would have pecked his arm off?

On our way back we met some ducks who must have gone to the same begging school as the geese.

The kids got a bit goofy and were scared off by them.

And then most of them gave up except this one. Who wielded a lot of power if you ask me!

Thankfully, brother swings a big stick and kept sister safe.

Lesson learned for today: Sometimes you just have to get out of dodge... hit the reset button and enjoy the day. A little outside therapy does wonders!

Hope you enjoyed your walk with us!

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