Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Rain...

Today I walked outside and was greeted by cool air. Whew! The past few weeks have been scorchers up into the 100's and it was such a relief to be able to venture outside without sweltering! As we were all sitting on the front porch, which we often do even when it is 100, we noticed it start to rain.

And because said rain did not include lightning and thunder my kids rejoiced!

This spring took a toll on our kids. The threat of tornado's and new house sounds made our kids shiver with fear. Even with the security of our basement, there was no squelching the anxiety that came over them when clouds came into our view. But today they danced.

They ran in and found the only two umbrellas in the house. We used to have more - themed ones in fact! Numerous birthday and Christmas presents would include a coveted umbrella. As always though, someone would come in with a poked eye or a whacked side. Tears would follow as I confiscated the umbrellas so I gave up. Seems as though the black ones do just fine!

And why is it kids can never just use an umbrella? Does it always have to look like you are in the middle of a hurricane? Sheesh. But this time I didn't take them...

Our best looking grass is the weeds in our front yard. Why is that? I am sure those suckers caught the most rain too.

These guys will have to rely on my watering. Poor things...

Working hard to look at reasons to be thankful. Life is life but God is always good. Thankful for the refreshing  rain that came today to give us something to smile about. Thankful that it cooled our parched yard and made it a fun playground. Thankful for every good and perfect thing.

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