Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Field Trip Frenzy!

Can you believe that I walked out the door today with my camera memory card still in my computer? Ugh! So you will just have to imagine my kids smiling faces in these stock photo's. Still kicking myself...

After almost a year and a half here in NC I am just now going to Homeland Creamery! I love that we have so much agricultural things to do in the Piedmont area. This trip was super fun and the kids had a great time learning where milk comes from. Seriously, Jake really wants to farm.

We first headed out on the farm on a hayride to view all of the milking cows. They have a few different varieties that they mix together to make the perfect tasting milk! Below is the milking parlor where they milk the cows at 3am and 3pm. YAWN!  

Hello little cow! Jake thought it was pretty cool to sit underneath the baby cow and get licked. Blech! The kids also helped feed the calf with a bottle. Jake was memorized!

The most fun was the Jake chasing this poor dog! Our kids love dogs and would enjoy having one as a pet but not to the extent of Jake. He just makes fast friends of any four legged animal and this herding pooch was no exception.

Because just one field trip destination never is enough, we decided to venture off into Alamance County. We had seen a sign for a Battleground when we were driving to the creamery so we went on an adventure to scope it out. We were not disappointed! In 1771, a group of farmers rose up against the governor's millita because of unfair and excessive taxes. The Governor of NC still had allegiance to the British Crown and the Regulators were born. While the Regulators were crushed, later their tactics became a model for the colonists fighting the British in the American Revolutionary War.  

This house below was the home of Mr and Mrs. Allan. They had ties to the Regulator movement and raised 12 children in this home. Could you imagine? Since we are reading Little House in the Big Woods, a lot of the  furniture and belongings fit into the colonist's lifestyle. 

This monument stands in the middle of the battleground where farmers and militia fought to put an end to unfair taxes... Still had those problems back in the day too... Sigh... 

So I suppose it is fair to say that we had a wonderful day in school. Makes homeschooling so much fun!
Happy Day to you!

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  1. Wonderful! and I learned so much! Little House in the Big Woods is one of my favorites! You are an Awesome Homeschool Mom!


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