Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of Public School!

Nooooo... not for my kids! Haha!

Ever go outside and watch the sunrise? The air is still and quiet except for the sounds of nature around you.

One thing that I love about NC is that the air cools during the night so each morning is a refreshing start to the day. A bit of coolness greets you and begs you to grab a cup of coffee and come sit awhile.

Or grab a cup of chocolate milk and wait for your friends to run outside on their first day of school.

Our porch has been such a wonderful meeting place and this morning was no exception. We gathered and chatted and enjoyed our warm morning beverage.

And spent quick minutes with excited kids waiting for their first day to start...

So fun to watch these kids grow and become strong independent people. While we choose to homeschool for many reasons, these kids just shine in their class settings. Mom's chew their fingernails while their kids are apart from them but it all turns out fine at the end of the day. Kids have fun and the Mom's survive.

So we waved goodbye and the quiet started all over again. Hushed families all go back into their homes to count down the hours when their precious ones return.

But our day just begins!

It wouldn't be the first day of Public school without a little KK.

It has become a family tradition to go out and eat doughnuts on the first day of Public School and eat we did. 

Jon was able to gorge out on doughnuts as well!

Remember the HOT sign... Oh yeah!

This girl and her chocolate!


No words needed!

How we love our days... Lately I have seen flashes of my children getting bigger, older, wiser...  Older mannerisms and physical features. This time is fleeting and I feel like I am grasping at them to slow down. Linger at these ages... My baby is a toddler and my other two,  well, they are no longer little kids. Opinions are getting bolder and choices are becoming more frequent. Words enter in my  head often. "be present", "live intentionally", "love well". So we go about our days with these words and purpose in the forefront of our day. The water spilled on the floor for the umpteenth time turns into thankfulness when I know the two hands that dropped it my little one. Before I know it, my sweet toddler will learn how to hold his water and will be pouring his own drinks, without need for me... Too quickly.

How I love firsts! Fresh starts just like a new day... Happy day!

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  1. Wonderful Post. Wonderful idea to celebrate the first day of "public school". Wonderful that you engage and encourage the neighbors who have decided to send to public school. You are a wonderful mom! As always love reading your posts!


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