Thursday, August 4, 2011

Really? Did it happen?

A long time ago, almost before my memory was a girl who used to run. Not fast mind you but at least she got there and moved in a forward motion. Today that girl put back on her running shoes and moved ahead again. Thankfully that girl remembered to put one foot in front of the other and there was a sweet reunion of the woman of old and the old woman of now... ;)

I remembered... Something familiar about feet pounding the pavement. The rhythm, the breathing and oh the sweat. And it felt good. Of course there is a bit more jiggly action but hopefully, if this becomes a trend, that will be something of the past.

How did it happen? Jon was able to come home at a decent hour and we ate dinner like crazy people and jumped in the car with scooters and the jogging stroller. We headed out to a nice shady path and started out. We have gone out as a family before but the kids would get tired, start complaining and the fun would soon head south quickly. But tonight, our kids were awesome...

Maybe it was the year of gymnastics and the summer of swimming but their endurance was a lot stronger and it made it bearable. That and I put my foot down saying I was waiting for no-one! Jon had to bring up the rear and there were no apologies from me!

So hopefully this will get my act in gear be the start of future running and races. I am already eyeing one that would be perfect! Sigh... and maybe this girl will return to my other blog - after I dust it off... Maybe...


  1. i need to come run here it looks great....

  2. Are you eyeing the KK run? LOL It is a fun one. Good for you for getting out - esp in this heat!


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