Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

I am so thankful that we have moved into an awesome neighborhood where they have taken me in as their own. The 4th was no exception as they allowed us to join in on their yearly tradition of watching fireworks in an area if I disclose, they might vote me off the street! ;)

Yep, I have the crazy kid in the bunch that can't keep a straight face in group shots. Notice everyone else though cheesing it up like pros.

While there are some times when Jake is a little stinker, he likes to hang out with us most of the time. He isn't a runner (yet) and he enjoys just sitting by us. Thank goodness as I am not as young as I was with Kylie during this phase! He was given a glow stick and was happy for the night! Can you see we were all relaxed and comfy? Especially Jon there...

Nighttime pictures are a bit freaky, and this is no exception. His glow stick looks like it is some odd vapor. All of these pictures were basically taken blind. Gives new meaning to point and shoot!

Best shot... You should have seen the other ones!

The area where we watched the fireworks had lots of room for the kids to run around and play. And for that many kids, we needed it!

We were situated on a nice little hill so we had a perfect vantage point to the show. Not too close as to get hot coals flying on you (yes that happened one year in Orlando) and not too far away that you loose the boom feeling in your chest. Just right for a bunch of kids and parents to watch without sending all the little ones screaming.

Jake was in heaven. No loud noise fear here! Kylie and Luke gave Jake proper firework lessons and at the end of the night Jake was ooooohing and aaaahing like the best of them.

This is the first year in a long time where we haven't been around family. Usually a big family get together happens and our kids are usually outfitted in every single holiday get up that could be found at Target. Kylie was a bit saddened that she wouldn't have all of the "fun stuff" but we went to a pool party earlier and she won these decorations. She was sooooo happy to get to dress up in her 4th of July garb!

Love her spirit...

How grateful we are to military families out there that sacrifice so much for our land to be free. May we never take our freedoms for granted!! Happy Birthday America!!!

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