Sunday, July 31, 2011

Morning Chess...

Anyone who knows Luke knows that he loves a good game. This week he has learned to play Chess. I am thankful for cousins who fill the gaps where I surely lacking as I have no clue how to play! So each morning, Luke rises and after his coffee (yes, still his first request) asks to play chess.

Luke is usually the first one up so he would run to the board and set it up. Look at his little brother eyeing those pieces. Yes, he loves games too!

We would warn him with words, tell him not to touch the pieces but alas, he would run and swipe them. You would think it was a tower of blocks at the speed he would flash over there and destroy all of the neatly placed pieces!

And Luke would just crumple. How patient he was with Jake but still he was frustrated. Thankfully, we diverted his attention and gave him his own pieces - although not a total replacement without some redirection.

Family... Jon's dad Jerry was in town and continued the obsession with Chess. He took his time to teach Luke the rules and he also honed his ninja like skills to deflect Jake and most importantly just to spend time.

So lesson plans are in the making for Jon to teach the game to Kylie and continue working with Luke. Jake on the other hand will have to be occupied by maybe something different! And preferably not eating the game pieces...

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  1. Kristina, I love the pictures! And I loved hearing the chess story. My Joseph loves playing chess. :) Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet cyber-hug I felt in your words!



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