Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Goings On...

Life has been going like the speed of light. During the winter I was looking forward to the easy lazy days of summer and wow was I wrong.

We have been mountain climbing...


Hockey camp...

Cooking camp...

 Modified mountain climbing...

And other random trips doing quite insane things!

We have thrown in woodworking too for good measure.

Jake had to try his hand in hula hooping. He didn't quite get it!

Naw!!! In actuality, that was one really fun day with Jon's mom at Marbles Kids Museum. We had a blast doing some really fun things. Family time has been great. It has been such an eye opening experience when you cut yourself off of what seems to mean so much to you. The computer that is. Life has seemed so much simpler and my thought life has decluttered itself. I feel as though my thoughts are focused instead of random jumbles of facebook status updates! 

This is where my time has really been spent.

How proud I am of these guys. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought Kylie and Luke would have been involved in swimming. They loved it! Were they the fastest and the best? No way but I enjoyed taking a step back and watch their character shine. They worked hard and didn't complain6 one bit. They jumped in and tried their hardest and completed the task. Our kids were so excited that they helped the Rays get to Number 1 in the city!! First time in 20 years. Go Rays!

This week Kylie is in camp so that means it is me and the boys at home. Luke is adjusting to life without a constant playmate and it is only tuesday and it is taking its toll. While I have tried my best at filling his time, he has to entertain himself too. Stretching, growing, learning. Hard sometimes not to be entertained 100% of the time but it is such a good lesson. I would fail as a parent if I didn't allow him to wallow in his own self stuff. So this afternoon has been a good lesson for both of us. 

How quick I am to fill my time with something instead of just being quiet before our Creator God. How He desires to spend time with us and usually we give him scraps. I know there is something brewing deep down inside of me and I hope to embrace it and learn from it. Simplify. 

Make the most out of your week!

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