Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jake is 1 and a Half!

How this time has flown by... Jacob has been in our lives a year and a half and while I feel as though we have lived each day with purpose and not missed a single second, it has sped by so fast. He is learning new things every day and it brings me joy when Kylie and Luke enjoy watching him grow as well. Just this morning at breakfast, Kylie mentioned how much she loved Jake and how he was her favorite toy! I hope and pray this sibling bond my kids all share will continue to deepen.

Because Jake's birthday is 4 days after Christmas Jon and I have talked about the idea of a half birthday. While Jake doesn't know any different now, I can only think to the future where he will have thoughts of his parents so worn out from the holidays, that won't revel in our own son's birth! I refuse to make his birthday any less special of a day though and since birthdays and Christmas aren't about "things" and gifts maybe it won't make a difference afterall. I am thankful that we value relationship most of all...

Jake was God's gift to us...

I love to pause and think about the times leading up to Jake's birth. Here we were at the Children's Home, just about to be out of a job, my Mom recovering from surgery in my living room, boxes surrounding us and an uncertain future. God gave us such peace about all the situations swirling around us. We knew He had prepared the way for Jake's arrival.


Kylie and Luke took to Jake like nothin'. While I wasn't sure how they would respond to a new little child in our home, they welcomed him in beyond my wildest dreams. Each day I was waiting for them to give him back to the hospital but they didn't....

He has grown and provided our lives with such wonder.... His eyes speak loudly to the personality inside this small body. 

His peace that surrounds him while all the time inside such fierce determination.

He enjoys life to the fullest. Never missing a beat and always wanting to be in the middle of the action.

And at times, expressing all angles of his emotions.

We equally wear eachother out.

But at the end of the day, our lives are so much richer for Jake's presence. Many people doubted our sanity as we welcomed Jake into the world but I couldn't think of life without him. Heck, I think we will celebrate half birthday's as it gives us one more reason to celebrate our gifts. Each and every good one from Our Creator in Heaven. Jake is our gift...

Make this day a great day!


  1. Happy Half Birthday! Sweet post. He is looking so big!

    I know we have a December birthday too which made me also ponder this 1/2 birthday option. For us, we haven't done it. (For one thing, the 1/2 birthday falls really close to another regular birthday.) We have found plenty of energy to celebrate in Dec and I'm guessing you will too. There is no harm in celebrating both times though!

    Hugs to you friend. When you are going to come visit?

  2. Happy 1/2 Bday Jakie! We love 1/2 bdays around here!


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