Saturday, November 5, 2011

Road Trip Vacay!

It's been silent around here for awhile... But so you know, just because it is quiet here, doesn't mean that life has been at a standstill. Actually we are living full tilt and loving it. Funny thing last monday I asked Jon to put up the laptop lest I be tempted to hide in denial at all the work that needed to be done around my house. He said no, he wasn't going to hide it, just not tell me where he put it! Ok... that works. whatever. So last night I was looking for some paper that dropped around the table that usually holds the laptop and lo and behold right on the floor was the laptop. Whew! Glad I didn't see that all week! From the look of the house, it sure appears that I have been on the computer but really I have been productive. Always hard getting back in the saddle after vacation...

Wait. did I say vacation?

We loaded up the van and headed south. Let me tell you that these kids were so excited for the stop to stretch their legs. These jumps are fo' real. Poor Jake didn't know what he was getting himself into when he joined up with this crazy crew!

You know when you are on vacation, part of your brain shuts off. Pictures you snap mentally in your head as things to remember click continually. You are in the moment and all other things fade away - like actually taking pictures! Next time I have got to make a mental note to take a picture of everything so this will be a random collection of some of our time in Florida. Sigh...

This trip we were so thankful to be able to spend time with family and friends. A perfect collection of people that mean a lot to us. First stop in Orlando was the T-Rex restaurant in Downtown Disney. Back in the day we used to go to Downtown Disney a lot as our cheap date. We would look around, try on all the hats, free chocolate at Ghiradelli,  dig for fossils at T-Rex then take a boat ride to one of the Disney resort playgrounds. A perfect day with no money spent. Sweet. So this night was a bit sweeter as we actually were able to eat there! 

Jake loved all of the sights and sounds. Because of that, I got to eat all of my dinner without any needs from him. Yay! Kylie though wasn't too sure and she was a bit more reserved from all of the dino's. 

But when this came around, she perked up! My girl loves some chocolate!

After dinner we introduced Jake to the fossil pit. Yep, it was a hit!

Finally had to pry all of the kids out of there and head out to more exciting adventures. 

Poor Kylie can't catch a break from being scared!

Poppi (Jon's dad) will pretty much do anything for his grandkids so Luke conned him into a ride. 

Kylie scored too and they both knew it!

Of course we had to stop off and try on some hats. They got some new ones in!

This pic was from the next day (yes, we went back!) but I had to fit in in. He loves his Tinker Toys!

Now here are where the holes come in with my picture taking... Somewhere in the vast memory of my mind now are a dinner at Animal Kingdom Lodge. We were able to hang out with some wonderful animals and the kids LOVED being able to see them so close. We now know that Jake is able to say Turtle (even though it was a tortoise) and some other animal names and communicate in a loud screeching noise to other toddlers from across a big restaurant. Yeah, that wasn't pretty...

But this was!

We headed over to the West coast and spent some time with dear friends at a great little island. If you are ever on the Gulf, head on over to Honeymoon Island. You won't be disappointed!

Clear shallow water perfect for little kids to venture into and blue sky with puffy clouds that only Florida can deliver, and friends. Did I say perfect?

A first of toes in the Gulf.

Kids being crazy in their own little pool. 

Well, if you can read that, it says that the kids are way out there! It was great because it was super shallow and clear. 

Do I have a picture of the adults? Um... that would be a negative. Can't believe that I didn't get one at all! Arg!

So we left our little beach getaway and headed back to our condo. Our condo had a few pools and this great splash pad. Some of the pools were heated but the majority of swimmers were probably from Canada where 75 seemed downright balmy. Us, not so much. The splash pad was a hit though!

Later on in the week, the kids got brave and alternated between the hot tub and pool. 

What is the common factor in both of the above pictures? Um, that would be a little brother trying to torment his sister. (jumping in her picture and bunny ears) While the annoying little brother comes out every so often, Kylie remains cool and calm for the most part. Thankful they enjoy eachother!

Our week soon came to a close and we had to head north. My mom's house is a perfect stop off point from our travels so we enjoyed some time with her! Bye Florida!

One of our favorite traditions at "Gambi's" house is taking a golf cart ride. We head out and venture all over her island as there are many fun things to see. No Mom, Luke didn't drive! Haha!

Crazy kid trying to climb a tree!

The marina has a great little beach full of shells that the kids enjoy looking through. 

Egrets nesting.

When we asked the kids what was their favorite thing about our vacation week, they both said "having Daddy with us all week." I happen to agree with them!

One picture I can remove from my memory is the amount of laundry and to-do's that we have going on at home. Day to day joys that will never end! 

These are the pictures of my day to day that I want to remember for ever... Happy weekend!

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  1. My favorite pic is Kylie pointing to her muscles! Love it!


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