Thursday, November 17, 2011

Loving some cool rainy days!

I have found that routine does us well... While I might feel out of the loop or less socialized, I know that the kids thrive in structure and in turn, I become more content, calm and satisfied. The kids get along better, play  more games with eachother and life is just good. Rich. 

Today while the kids worked on writing, they wrote one word then ate a "nugget" fruit snack. Made it fun and they could focus more on their writing. 

Jake even sat in his little house, (he is a dog in his bed) and ate his own snack too.

Luke worked hard as well. No dropping his pencil today!

I love it when all things work out. Most days they don't and we are juggling a huge collection of heavy balls that we most always struggle to keep them up in the air. Social commitments, school commitments, personal stuff and just plain life. Kids going each way, sometimes with an attitude but today was good. Attitudes were  seldom seen and peace prevailed. 

But this little guy still gets into his share of mischief...

And what makes the day better? Food cooking on the stove. I love it when it is cold outside but you know in a few hours warm beef stroganoff will bring everyone to the table for food and laughter. Throw in some hot bread and you have a winner.

Wait, I lied. What makes the day better is having a fun cooking assistant to aid in the dinner prep!

Two hours later of slow cooking, smell producing warmth will make this day perfect.

Today I am thankful. Thankful that I serve a God who has led me down this path of being a mom to these wonderful three gifts. Thankful that even through the mundane, I find joy in all of it. The craziness, the juggling, the pain is all part of the deal. Makes the good and necessary all that much more poignant. 

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