Monday, November 14, 2011

Daily Goings On!

Let me tell you that homeschooling is a piece of cake compared to occupying a little one while you are homeschooling said older children. So this week, my mission was to have great ideas for the little one to do while the bigun's were working. Enter homemade KoolAid Playdoh. Recipe here.
Can I say hours of playtime?? Hours... 

We broke out all of the playdoh gear. Cutters, rollers, you name it. They had so much fun and what was the best was the playdoh smelled amazing!

And who says the youngest can't join in on learning fun... Well, he tries to jump on the laptop when nobody is looking. He told me he is looking for an E-Trade gig.

Got a little excited the other day and ripped our L off. Thankful it still works but I have a feeling it won't be for long.

Ok. In all seriousness, my kids really do school! Here is Luke cheesing it up while he was working on his math. 

And Kylie diligently working.

This is how Luke spends most of his time... picking up his pencil from off the floor. I hear this is common with boys!
Blocks have been another lifesaver during school time. Here Jake played for a good 30 minutes with his front end loader and a mess of blocks. Yes, he made sound effects but they were pretty quiet!

Recess dance party! It gets a little crazy around here.

We are learning about WWII this week by reading All the Secret's of the World. It is a great Five in a Row unit study which we love! Anyway, today I gave the kids ration cards like they had during the war. They are able to have a certain amount of snacks, special drinks, tv time and other fun things. Once their "ration" is over for the day, that is it! Tonight they spent their game time ration. My mom got us this game called Sleeping Queens that the kids can't get enough of. So enjoy this little peek into our crazy life! 

Make sure you pause the music player at the bottom. Both of these video's are the same. I just can't get the extra one off! Ack! So pick one that suits you the best!

Happy week!

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