Saturday, October 15, 2011


As I sit here and write this post, my two older kids are outside playing in the bright cool fall air. We couldn't ask for a better day. Their giggles and laughs pour into our open windows while I listen to music and try to put together all of my thoughts. Jake sleeps and I am able to take a moment to myself. Quiet.

My mind is rarely quiet. I think on things, sometimes deep, sometimes pretty inconsequential topics but always going. This is what has been tumbling around here lately...

Mornings around this house is usually harried. If we don't have places to be, we have responsibilities that I want to instill in our family. We call it a routine as we aren't held captive to a strict schedule, but we do have a good rhythm. Rooms to be cleaned, breakfast to be eaten and hair to be brushed (that gets out of control fast - moms of daughters know what I am talking about!) Sometimes some quick words come out of my mouth, not harsh mind you but just stern. Barking orders to motivate my kids to get tasks completed. I rationalize as to why I have to bark at them but it is really necessary? How I must sound if I was to step away from myself and look on.

Then I think about Grace...

What does that look like as a parent? Do we never raise our voice to motivate our children? To instruct them about their next task at hand? There has to be a balance... So I continue thinking...

How does God parent us in our own disobedience? How does he motivate us to move for His purpose?

I have heard there are great resources about grace based parenting. I need to feed my inner curiosity and look into this all.  To search God's Word in how He loves us. How I want to crawl away and just be quiet and learn from the One true God who does have the answers. Life with 3 kids doesn't allow so much quiet but I take moments to still my voice and listen.

We settle into our daily rhythm and then my harsh words soften. My frustration and anxiety is cast aside for a time of purpose, learning and growing.  Kids settle down and start school and  I see this.

I scoop away the fork which was none too soon. Kylie softly instructs Jake in her math studies. She reads him her word problems and pretends that he has all the answers.

She holds him tighter as he fumbles around to get comfortable. She continues her work... I really don't think she even knew I was watching what was going on between the them. Then they lean in.

And he finally gets to his place. Moments like these are rare but when they happen they need to be praised. All the barking, all the parenting, all of it is just whisked away and we are thankful.

Thankful for the moments when we are together. Thankful for kind quiet words and soft embraces. Thankful for Grace...

2 Corinthians 4:15
All this is for your benefit, so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God.


  1. What a great mom!!! Keep up the good work. God has blessed you with the understanding of the gifts that He has given you.

  2. I feel the "barking mom" come out of me some days. I find them in my struggle for control of her "to do's". Over the past two years I have really dealt with this strongly in my life. Asking the Lord to grow wisdom instead of frustration and control.

    I take a lot of hints and suggestions from what I see as examples of strength mingled with mildness, in the Mommy's I know and love. I am ever thankful to God placing me around the Mommy's like you.

    Thanks for this post!


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