Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Lego Creations!

*** Luke has asked that you all turn up your speakers so you can hear his music!***

My son loves Lego's! I get a smile on my face when I can just dump out a whole mess of Lego bricks on a big sheet and he is content for hours. Seriously. Sound effects come from the room and every once in awhile, he surfaces to show me what creation he has made.

Today Kylie has felt under the weather and Luke is missing his playmate. I knew if I mentioned the "L" word, life would be grand! But today I added a little bit more. "Why don't we move the Lego's outside!" So outside we went.

His creative juices started flowing and I got out my camera and did an impromptu photo shoot of his creation. He put this all together and I just provided the technology.




Hats off to the creator!!


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  1. Oh what fun!!! I need to show this to my boys as they would love seeing Luke's creation! Great job.

    Praying y'all have a great trip! Looking forward to hearing more about it!



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