Friday, September 3, 2010

Sometimes Less is More...

Today I am overwhelmed with the gratitude of staying at home with my children. Yes, I suppose I have always stayed at home with them, but my time was always divided. Tending to the needs of the children at the Children's Home and the spontaneous life we led there took a toll. I loved what I did, and I know it was right for us to live there for that season, but now is a new season.

Our season now is to trust God for provision. To live on the portion that He has given us. Is it hard, you betcha. But do we feel overwhelmingly full? Oh yes. We have invested in new relationships, developed old ones, rested in the peace of our children and made our house a home. We have started investing in a simple life and are suprised at how rich it can be. Time spent laughing, loving and enjoying the company of family and friends. It is good.

So am I tempted to have what others have? Sometimes. I do struggle but overall I am thankful for the hard work that my husband does so I can stay at home. No extra pedicure is worth the joy of watching my children grow and develop into who God called them to be.

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