Monday, March 10, 2008

I really do school!

Rarely do I ever post what I am doing with the kids school wise. Life just gets ahead of me and before you know it, the week has gone and the pictures are stored away in the depths of my computer. This week we "rowed" Madaline which is a sweet tale of a girl in Paris, France. Even Luke got into the fun!

I love doing things that revolve around food, and what better thing to do was to bake croissants! We took the easy way out and did the Pilsbury kind but it was fun to roll the shapes. Luke had a great time taking turns with rolling. Notice the cheesy grin?

After all the hard work was done, Kylie enjoyed eating them.

We also had french bread during one dinner so the next morning we had french bread dipped in hot chocolate which I read is done in France. While my kids love hot chocolate, they couldn't fathom dipping french bread in it. After a few "eeeewwwwwwws" and "yuck" moments they ate it all.

Then the real fun began when they got to make the Eiffel Tower with cheese and toothpicks. This task was mostly done by us as they really couldn't master the finger dexterity needed. Jon worked with Luke (thus the near perfect structure) and I helped Kylie (poor girl!) They had fun eating their creation after it was all done.

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