Monday, February 25, 2008

I swore that I would never be the mom who would lament over their child getting older... Well I ate crow on my son's birthday! He is growing up so fast but I am loving every minute of it. He enjoys all things boy such as sword fights, super powers and sports but he has such a kind, gentle side as well which I treasure. I am so thankful that God intrusted this little man into our lives!

Luke really wanted a pirate party, did I say he liked swords?? Well, for our goody bag, we made treasure chests to hide our "booty!"

After we made our booty bags, we had the pinata which was quite entertaining. See a whole bunch of short people trying to reach the treasure chest was hilarious! Jon had to help out and give the final whack.

Luke loved his tresure chest cake - can you tell? His face is about to explode from excitement! LOL!

Thank you Luke for being just who you are! You are my favorite little boy named Luke!!!
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