Sunday, September 25, 2011

Workboxes takes a twist!

I am sure you have seen these workbox posts here and here. We love our workboxes!! But since the addition of Jake, we just haven't gotten back to them. Something about a little toddler and 24 combined boxes of goodies just don't mix! So enter the folders.

Mornings have been a bit haphazard around here with Jake kind of throwing interesting curve balls. Just a lot of interruptions when we were all trying to get things done which doesn't make a very pleasant homeschool experience. Days of frustration with all involved led to a brainstorming session. I needed some structure to my morning which included some of their independent work. Each folder has the day on it and my goal is to have them all filled Sunday night with fun and educational things for them to do. 

We also participate in some weekly activities which allows the kids to work on school while they are there. These will be great to pick up and go without any added effort throughout the week. Park morning? Grab and go!

I really believe that keeping my kids home each and every day has afforded them a deep and meaningful relationships together. The more time spent together means more teachable moments for them to deal with their "stuff" and work things out. Most of the time they get along great. Almost too well as they have a tendency to get lost in their own little world. (hence the need for more structure in the morning!) I checked out some team building sites and found some games that we will play after they get all of their work done. See that little white paper?  I can't wait to try these out! (oh and neighbors, I have a game for us all this week to play in the culdesac!)

This is a peek into my new workspace which Jon created for me! I have a swivel chair that I can either work on the computer or talk to the kids! I love my little area and it has all that I could ever need there. We are ready for Monday!

And lastly, I just had to share this cool picture I took just minutes ago off my back deck. We get the most amazing sunsets so I usually take a few pictures throughout the week. This is just after the rain. 

Have a great week!

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  1. What a great way to tweak the concept.Thanks for this blog.


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