Friday, September 23, 2011

The Many Hats of Mothering

See the void here in this little blog of mine? Well, we have been busy and the computer has not been a priority of sorts. See, I wear a lot of hats and on some days I just can't do it all. My house gets messy as I pour into my kids by filling them full of information. My homeschooling hat. Then there are other days that I clean like a mad woman and the kids learn to occupy themselves. The warm smell of dinner greets my husband as he is home from a busy day. The homemaker hat. 

There are many hats I could list and I am sure you are familiar with many. Each important in their own right.

With the cooling air comes the new ritual of the Fall Friday hat! It is a little green and campy but well worn and enjoyed. For the past few weeks we have been heading to the great outdoors and exploring our world. Last Friday we headed to Bur Mill Park. 

If you locals haven't been there, you better run, not walk to their educational center! The last friday we spent all day there and had such a blast! They have a 2.25 mile loop that the kids hiked with no problems. Jake even did about a mile and a half until he hitched a ride on my back in the Ergo. We also used their loaner fishing poles and tried our hand at fishing. Yep, no cool fishing stories about the one who got away. There was nothing...

Another thing that our kids wanted to try was their loaner backpacks! It is chock full of goodies that keep kids engaged during a nature hike.  I have got to pull some things together at home and get one made for us for other nature hikes at other venues. 

One of their favorite things were the many scavenger hunts. These are laminated cards that they flipped over when they were done.

And the compass... I have to brush up on my compass skills and try again next friday but the kids thought they were cool!

Most definite hit.

Love that hiking is a family activity that we all enjoy!

We added one more hat to our hat rack this week. Meet Max. Our Beagle, Bernese Mountain dog mix. We are soon becoming fast friends and he fits in well with our family. Chilled and calm when we need him to lay low and then spunky and fun all the other times. I took him walking/running with me yesterday and I have a feeling he will be my new Jillian soon! He can run FAST!

Love how the kids really have taken to him. Sometimes they have been a bit shy around dogs but with Max, he is so calm and trustworthy the kids have just loved on him.

Oh, and lastly... Let me don my most favorite hat for the day! Happy First Day of Fall hat! Yes folks, it is official. The fall quilt is on my bed and my apple spice candle is burning... Ahhhh...

So whatever hat you are wearing today, make it a beautiful one... Happy Day!

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