Monday, January 17, 2011

Hunkering down..

Webster's definition of hunker: 1. to crouch, squat or or my personal favorite, 2. to settle in or dig in for a sustained period. Yep, that is what we are doing. Winter seems to do that to me. How I love the warm heat, the cozy foods and the wearing of sweat pants because I have indulged in all of those said cozy foods during the holiday's.

Projects abound here in the Jackson home. Weekends have become one massive to do list with trips to Ikea and jobs only my sweet husband can do. I swore I would never be one of "those women" but alas, being a stay at home mom has done it to me. Maybe it makes him feel needed and appreciated? He would disagree as gifts of service of that magnitude don't do it for him. Now he can bring me a nice hot brownie topped with ice cream (or a new bookcase!) and wowzers, he feels like he has done something...

Our living room looks like this:

And if you come over, you might be put to work...

But the good news is our bedroom looks like this:

Finally, after 15 years, this girl gets some new bedroom furniture. And I feel like doing this but she sucked all the energy out of the room so I got nothin'.

And if your wondering what in the world has gone wrong with the pictures well, it is from my phone and I have no clue why it is all messed up but I had to give you a piece of our "real" life in the moment.

By the way, I am not the only one who loves sweat pants in the winter time. Jake has been enjoying his cozy foods as well and wanted to show you his well formed abs.

He's worked hard on those ya know...

So feel free to stop by anytime, we will be here, hunkered down. Kinda feeling out in the netherlands but it has been good to get in routines that stretch us. I like this New Year of ours.

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