Thursday, September 4, 2008

Today at the park...


We went to the park today and my sweet husband took some great pictures of the kids!

I have gotten a bit behind of some quality shots of them so I am thankful for these!

  This park sits right next to the St. John's River. The rain from Tropical Storm Fay continues to effect many here in this local area.

Homes along the river are flooded as well as neighborhoods next to chain lakes. Pumps run 24/7 throughout the city to pump some of the water away from the neighborhoods. It is so sad to see how such a storm has effected so many. These pictures were taken today - not when TS Fay hit over two weeks ago.

I just thought this sign was a bit humorous.
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  1. I'm sorry, but your dh took pics of the wrong children! HOW does that happen? I clearly remember seeing pics of your children projected on a big screen and they were much younger!

    Oh, wait, that was 2 years ago, wasn't it...

    Okay, cute kids! And they're getting quite big! ;~)


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