Thursday, September 18, 2008

She can read!

Today while doing Kylie's Reading Made Easy book, I noticed that the light bulb finally turned on! She officially "gets" blends. They had been giving her a hard time and after a few fits and starts, we are rolling now with RME. I am so thankful to have a reading program that when we go through the lesson, Kylie is genuinely happy!

That wasn't the case a few months ago. We would start and she would just dive into the couch crying. I would encourage her to press on but it just didn't work. I think taking a good 6 months off worked well! I know there will still be challenges but it seemed to pay off.

After today's lesson I broke out the BOB books. She was blending with ease so I thought we would try it. My goodness the girl went through 3 books! The smile on her face was precious as she was so proud of her accomplishment. Way to go Kylie!!!


  1. Way to go Kylie!!! Way to go mom too - putting it away for 6 months can be a hard thing (I've had to do it as well), but so worth it! You have both done a great job!

    Thanks for your prayers for me too sweet friend. I am so thankful for your faithful encouragment and support!

    Love you!


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