Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 2 of school!

I have read my share of homeschooling articles, talked to many a woman who school their kids and I have done preschool activities with both kids on a fairly regular basis. No schedule, no plan really, just building memories and having fun.

Then I realize that if my dd was only 3 weeks older, she would be going to school as a kindergartner. AAAAACCCCCKKKKK! Since my sweet dh isn't totally sold on the whole homeschooling experience (he doesn't mind me doing it, just something he doesn't want to do!) I have told myself that this year is my pretend Kindergarten. So school it is and it is for real, kinda.

Now I am remembering all of my friends laments about their children bawking at school, discussing real tricks to get them to buy into school and all of their vents about their day. Day 2 and it is HARD!! LOL! Can't school just be a TV program about letter sounds?? Hey, wait, I used that - Letter Factory!!!

Anyhoo, Kylie is loving her school, it is Luke that is making me chuckle. He sits down and follows along and two minutes in he pronounces that "I am done!" And promptly gets up and walks off. I have some fun things for him to do throughout the morning but his little personality is so different than Kylie's at that age. He just makes me laugh.

Pray that I can make it through day 3 ok??

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