Saturday, June 21, 2008

Goings on...

Things around here have been going at the speed of light!

My kids continue to grow so fast. Yesterday my dd was running around the house with my cell phone in her back pocket - just like her momma! If Kylie was just a few weeks older, she would be eligible to start Kindergarten. Instead of that though, we will be doing light school at home and Luke will tag along.

Today I spent quite a few hours planning our activities next year. I am so inspired by visiting others blogs, checking out the Five in a Row message board and other organizational websites to see what they are all up to. I am excited to hit the ground running as I can't wait to learn with my kids. Now when they get to high school math, then I might have to hire a tutor!

Talking about growing up, Kylie has decided that she likes art! I can't wait until I am home when I can post pictures but she has finally slowed down and is paying attention to detail. She is coloring the correct colors and is attempting to stay in the lines. She is taking her time and doing a great job! She has a passion right now for writing her letters as well so she will draw a picture and I will spell what she wants to write below the picture. Precious!

Luke too has been showing a lot of self motivated growth. He is drawing little people (with huge eyes and legs!) but he is trying to get his detail correct as well. As dramatic as he gets, it makes me laugh every day at his emotion and perseverance as he tries to draw figures.

Enjoy your day!

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