Friday, December 16, 2011

The Drummer Boy...

We are in the heat of the Christmas Season... Stores are packed full of Christmas goodies, gift ideas are buzzing on places like Pinterest and yet the economy is down, people are watching their wallets more then ever. In a way  I am glad that people are actually focusing on how much money they have (or don't have) as it allows them time to pause and reflect on what is really important in life.

In years past I have tried my best to imagine what Mary and Joseph must have been feeling on that long road to Bethlehem. Two years ago that wasn't too hard as I too was pregnant during Christmas with Jake. Every time Jake would move, kick and flutter I felt a bit closer to Mary as she too felt those kicks of Jesus inside. As I was pregnant with Jake, we were unsure of our future, having lost our job and our house at the Children's Home we knew that the birth of Jake would cause some changes in our life. Mary was about to face some changes of her own after the birth of her sweet son. Changes that would alter the world and bring God to us in the flesh.

This year I think I have been able to relate more to a character in a carol. Not to spiritual mind you but serves a good punch for those who are budgeting and really struggling with the whole Christmas gift giving thing. I have always loved The Little Drummer Boy and as I child I remember hearing that song on a favorite Christmas record that I think we still have! The sweet Drummer Boy knew he had no gift to bring the Christ child but he did have one thing... His talent of drumming. He saw others bring great and expensive gifts to the King and I can't imagine what must have been going through his head. Was he embarrassed? Ashamed? I am sure but it didn't stop him from sharing his most prized treasure with the family.

So this year I am going to be the Drummer Boy. While I don't play the drums, I do have talents to give...

 A friend of mine posted this wonderful reminder on Facebook the other day:

Free Christmas gift ideas:

A gift of encouragement: Encouragement is a powerful gift. (Proverbs 12:25)

A gift of time: Time is a valuable gift, a precious commodity. (Ephesians 5:15-16). 

The gift of prayer: The greatest gift we can give someone is the commitment to pray for them consistently. (James 5:16). 

A secret gift: Give a gift to someone in need in secret without them knowing who it is from and with no hidden motive and no apparent benefit to you. (Matthew 6:3-4) 

"Grab your Christmas list and set aside some time to pray for each person on that list. Do you need to rethink some of the gifts you are giving this year? It is not too late! Ask God how you can best honor His birth by the gifts you give to others." 

So while I would love to do much more during this season, I am just going to give my best to Him and continue to serve Him where I can. 

Praying you have a wonderful Christmas Season!

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  1. Wonderful words! Loved this! I think we will adopt some of your gift ideas!


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