Friday, February 4, 2011

Drumroll please!

Woke up today and was so excited because it is Friday!!! Now that we aren't houseparents anymore, weekends have a wonderful place in my heart. I mean, we get two whole days as a family and boy do I love soaking up that time with us all together.

Another cool reason why I was so excited about today was the chance to give something away! I checked out and low and behold, they gave me number 8. Soooo that means Leslie has won the book! She is such a great example of a Stay at Home mom so I hope and pray she will be encouraged by it. Her hubby works so hard so she can stay at home and her kids are just adorable (with another on the way!)

I have so much brewing in my mind right now, I hope to get some of it out here soon so I can clear my head. A lot has to do with my Word of the Year - self-discipline. It has been good for me to utilize that skill. Sigh... But my life is so much fuller because of it. I will 'splain later!

My heart is overflowing with joy as friends welcome new lives into their home. There are a lot of babies around these parts! But I want you to join in prayer for me for some friends of mine. They desperately want children so badly - for years. Well, just 20 weeks ago they became pregnant. Test after test is showing them some bad news and the sweet one is holding on inside of her momma. The doctors are saying that the baby will only be alive for 2 more weeks. Please pray for a miracle to happen in this child's life. How I know this family will cherish this sweet life. Pray.

Hold your sweet ones, never forget the gifts that God gives you and make the most of each moment. Live fully!


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