Monday, June 7, 2010

Just for fun!

Kylie around 5 months.

Luke at 5 months.

Jake at 3 months. I need to hunt for a sitting picture of him at 5 months! I would take a pic now but he is snoozing so must not disturb!

Now dates aren't exact, but it was fun looking back at these pics!

Then these three of them swinging at different times.

I think it is fun that they will all share similar memories. Watching them grow has been a joyful experience and I pray that I can have these times etched in my mind. It goes by too fast!


  1. Love the comparison pics. I don't think I have done much of that with my kids, but it would be fun to pull out some old pics and compare. (Oh and Jake LOOKS like a 5m old in that pic, so it's all good.)

  2. What sweet pictures! It's fun to see them all at similar ages! All very cute too!!!

    Thank you friend for your excitment with me! (((Kristina))) I too am excited to see what God has in store. Still hoping ... well, you know.

    Wish you were closer. Want to plan a time to get together soon? Let me know what works for you!


    PS Your header is adorable!

  3. Hi Kristina! Thanks for commenting my blog and checking me out! your children are so sweet! I get excited to find connections with other's blogs. It has been wonderful to get to know Heidi and Rob, you are lucky to have them a part of your family!
    All my best and God bless-- Erin


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