Monday, June 15, 2009

School is out but workboxes are still IN!

Workboxes have just felt great for us as a family. The kids enjoy it, I enjoy it and even my dh has gotten in on the action. We will definately go on with them next year.

But it is summer and I have these workboxes in my kitchen/dining area. What to do? Use them of course!

Throughout the day I am sure you have heard your kids say "I'm bored!" My answer is "go grab a box!" Now I won't use the strips, or make them go in order, it will just be a fun area to see some activites they can do throughout the day. Maybe a can of playdoh, or a dot-to-dot. Simple activites that they can do on their own.

I will most likely rotate them out just as I would during the year to provide some interesting and fun things to do.

So have fun with your workboxes today!

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  1. Kristina, I'm glad to know the boxes are still working for you. I'm not doing anything with mine right now (since it's summer), but I'm still trying to decide if I can come up with enough space to switch to the plastic boxes. I think I'll want to switch once I finish the book.



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