Sunday, August 3, 2008

By George I Think I've Got It!

Now you know that just when you think you have the perfect schedule, things change so in no way is this written in stone! It is just what works now!

A few weeks ago I was so distraught at the kids behavior in the afternoon. They were disobedient, fighting with one another and outright loud! They would burst into tears at the slightest provocation. I am sure you guys can relate!

I finally said, that is enough! I am a mom who totally believes in naps, hey, in fact my kids love naps! I just don't like 3 hour naps which keep them up until 10pm every night.

One of my friends sends her daughter to day care and they take an hour nap every day. I asked her when her girl goes back to bed at night. Low and behold it was around the same time as before she had napped! What? Is that so???!

Now I know my son is the king of the power nap. He can sleep for any length of time and wake up happy as a clam. My daughter isn't so blessed! She acts like a girl in full throws of teenagerdom. She moans, complains and begs to be left alone until she wakes up on her own. What do I do with that after an hour nap?

Aaaaaahhhh, the trusted babysitter of our days... The TV of course!

Now before you guys all throw stones at me, hear me out. Since starting school, we have changed our daily routine. We wake up, get dressed, eat and then start school. Can you see what is missing? Morning TV time!!! So I will allow them to gently wake up to their tv fix first thing after nap. It will also allow for me to get a few things wrapped up after nap. Genius!

Now pray that this schedule sticks for awhile as I kinda like it!

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