Thursday, May 8, 2008

Running the race...

Well, much to my reluctance, my fellow runner Sarah prompted me to blog about the race. So this blog post is for you!!! Let me first start by saying that I would have never done it without the encouragement and support from you!!!! Thank you my booty kicker trainer! LOL!

The atmosphere of a race is something you really can't describe until you have done it. The nerves are jumping throughout your body and all you want to do is get the start over with! Everyone is bouncing around, talking and just enjoying the moment before you are off on a wild adventure.

This is the second race I have ever done and now I think I am hooked. We ran a 15K which is 9.3 miles and suprisingly it went by quickly! Here is a picture in MGM Hollywood around mile 7?


Then me at the finish line. I look like a big dork now but I was happy that it was over!


Anyone wanna run?


  1. awww..I got goosebumps seeing you at the finish line. Great job!!! Running races is addictive. I used to be a runner until a knee injury stopped me. I miss it!

    So proud of you!!!!!!!!!

  2. YIPPIE! I am proud of you too. Now you can do the full marathon with us in January :).

    And MAYBE I will start a blog one of these days.


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