Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Too funny not to post...

We were at Target today looking at boosters for Kylie. After her pleading for the pink princess one (absolutely not!) we rounded a corner and I saw the cutest baby bedding. Target does a great job with bedding!

I made a comment about the bedding and Kylie quickly said, "awwww. I want a baby in our house. Do I need to talk to God about that?" "Well, I guess so!" I slowly responded. So on the spot she starts praying. "God, please give us another baby because I love looking at them and they are so cute. Thank you God, Amen."

She then looked up "MOM! You are starting to get FAT!!"

So I believe she thought that God heard her and granted her prayer instantly.

The faith of a child...


  1. LOL Too cute! And you are not fat! (((Kristina)))

    I love the prayers of a child. I remember her prayer for Eliana - so very sweet!!!


  2. That is so funny! If only it was that quick huh!?!?! Lol!


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