Sunday, January 20, 2008


Life just keeps chugging along. I am not in a schedule, school is happening randomly but it's all good! We are having great times as a family so it is worth it.

We have had an awesome holiday season. For Christmas we enjoyed a not so quiet morning at the cottage tearing into gifts. The kids had a great time and the boys who were with us enjoyed it as well. Then since it was a tuesday, we handed off the cottage to our counterparts and drove to Melbourne. We enjoyed a nice lunch there with Jon's family and then loaded up the car to drive to Savannah where my mom lives.

We had a wonderful time visiting with my mom for 5 days. We enjoyed the brisk Savannah weather (brrrrr!) and as a mom, I treasured the times my kids had with their Gambi. My kids are fortunate to be able to spend time and build relationships with their extended family.

We had to leave Savannah and head back home for work (dern!) but we knew that it would go by quickly as we had something to look forward to. The kids were so excited because the next Tuesday we flew to California! My kids love to travel and I really hope this carries on throughout their life. My great Aunt Isabelle turned 100 so all of the family gathered together to celebrate. I just pray that I have one drop of her blood in my veins as she was amazing. She refuses to walk with a cane and enjoys spending time with others. What a joy to be around her.

Well, that is a brief synopsis on what has been going on here. I hope that next week we can just settle into life and enjoy a quiet week at home. Ah doubt it!

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