Monday, October 2, 2006

My almost 3 year old DD was happily playing in the bathtub. I informed her that it was time to get out and get dressed for bed. She said "I have 6 minutes." I said calmly "no, you need to get out and get ready for bed!" She then informed me with a sincere look on her face that "God says that I have 6 minutes."

So what do I do with that?? What if God is really speaking through her! Maybe God was saying, "hey mom, slow down a minute... It isn't necessary for her to be in bed at exactly 8:00pm. It can be 8:06."

That moment just struck me funny. God uses a variety of ways to speak to his people. When I was a new Christian, I was keenly aware that everything was God breathed. Even if it was the supermarket clerk. God had a reason for every sigh, comment and action from the people I came in contact with. But as time has gone on and my walk waxes and wanes, I am not aware of God speaking as clearly. He used my daughter to kindly remind me that God speaks... It is our choice to listen.

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